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Hey SOULjas, I’m glad your here! Are you ready to transform your life and see what the next dimension of this beautiful journey has awaiting for you?

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Life Coach / Advisor

I’m your accountability partner. I’m here to guide you, provide wisdom and give effective strategies to help direct you into your purpose driven life path. It’s all about HEALING SOULS and CRUSHING GOALS over here.

Business Strategist

Looking to start a new business endeavor or grow your current business? Let me help you write the vision, make it plain, and make it clear. I’ll also help you strategize new policies and procedures to grow your business to new dimensions. Let’s do business

Speaking Engagements

My mission as a God-fearing woman, mother, Coach, and motivational speaker is to fulfill my purpose by providing my wisdom, gifts, and talents to the world and leaving an impact that will be forever life-changing.

About Mia

Mia Joyce, the chief executive officer of Voices of Transformation Inc.,The Transformation Wellness Center also owner of Glitz and Glam Artistry, has been one of the nation’s most emerging transformational coaches and leaders of today.

Mia J. is a native of North Carolina, who has been coaching and mentoring for  two decades. 

Mia began her career of coaching and training with a prominent Healthcare company where she received National Achievement Awards in Ethics and Integrity and Multiple Outstanding Leadership Achievement Awards.

She also played a major role of leadership in her community, where she started a nonprofit organization that provided programs that fed the homeless community with Meals for the Multitude, provided programs for at risk youth in the School Systems, and Department of Juvenile Justice System along with providing resources for families that were in transition from displacement and/or incarceration.

Mia J., certified cosmetologist for over 20 years, and Life Coach, has also used her experience with her clients in the beauty  industry as a favorable approach to her expertise in coaching. She stated “I always felt like a hair therapist with my clients and I think this was the passion work God placed me in to get to my PURPOSED work.”

Mia, A highly driven woman who was born to break barriers, attributes her REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES as one of the major qualifications that positioned her into coaching. She’s built her career brick by brick, fighting fears, facing failures, and setbacks to gaining wisdom, clarity and understanding in order to have the success she’s always known was hers to claim.

Mia holds a Bachelors of Art in Business, and with her extensive avocation, entrepreneurship and business professionalism, Mia uses her knowledge to gives back as a Transformational Life and Business Coach to help those who are seeking true life transformation and effective strategies that will provide change, growth and success for their future. 

Tune Into Soulful Conversations

Soul Therapy Coach Experience

This is a 5 week coaching program that will provide full clarity and support for your life. Our focus will be on resetting the mindset by gaining a clear understanding of where our root issues stem from, removing inner trauma, guilt, shame & soul ties. These are some of the major culprits that keeps us stagnate and unable to flow. We will be releasing, rebuilding, redefing and reintroducing the new YOU!! True healing is the pathway to help you walk into your DIVINE PURPOSEFUL LIFE!


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